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August 03, 2006


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Who is Carson Palmer that he matters? (I've heard of the others and though I can't name their teams, I've heard of them.)

Cincinnati Bengals QB. He was the guy who, just a week or so after signing his big deal, had his knee blown out in a playoff game with the Pittsburgh Steelers. His recovery was a recent cover story for Sports Illustrated.

Not that I follow football or anything. ;-)

I think the topic of professional athletes and income vs. wealth is fascinating. Whenever I hear someone ranting about overpaid star athletes, I wonder if it's actually a myth when compared to other occupations or industries. Aren't there always a select few in any given field making huge amounts of money? Don't they also produce a ton of revenue for their franchises? There are some surprising statistics about former professional athletes and problems many of them face with finances, careers after sports retirement, alcohol/drug abuse, and even shortened life expectancy (though I'm not sure if this is true for all sports or just the NFL).

Also, I think there is a similarity between pursuing a career in sports and winning the lottery. A lot of parents invest excessively in their kids' athletic skills hoping it will pay off in the form of a college scholarship or big contract some day. Is this any more realistic than using the Lotto as your retirement plan? I'm a huge fan of sports and exercise for fitness and health benefits, competition, camaraderie, and fun ... but I worry about young athletes who don't seem to have a "Plan B".

Are the millions in Euro?....and I don't quite get how they are getting paid....
says Total - $20,000,000....However, on the bottom description..."signed a "$120,000,000" the $20,000,000 is like a regular paid per season?

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