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August 14, 2006


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We were in a similar situation -- buying a house for the first time in six years and during the new loan app process we found that my credit report had a deliquent account listed. An account I never opened in a city where I never lived. It took me seven months to convince all involved that it was someone other than me using my name and SSN to open the cell phone account. I had to deal -- repeatedly -- with the credit reporting agencies (two had the incorrect account; the third didn't ... is that good or bad?), the cell phone company that was scammed, the colleciton agency the account was turned over to (details in my blog entry, The Real Me). I stil l have no idea how this happened. And it was a relatively minor ID theft in the grand scheme of things. So I definitely feel for people who've had their IDs completely hijacked.

Ok, maybe that's the point we need to highlight -- the difference between some credit cards being stolen and someone's total ID.

We didn't have our credit cards stolen though, our SSN's and other information were and then used to open credit at various stores. We still have to monitor our credit, make sure our SS statements are correct, and probably have to worry about other accounts somewhere. We were lucky because we found out so soon.

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