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August 07, 2006


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It is really amazing how many people still do not understand where the market is at. Last week alone, I must have read hunreds of MLS listings. I couldn't believe how many still "show like a model", or have had the "price reduced!"- by like $2-6K!! It's just not enough in this Phx market- because there is soooo much available right now. Lots of houses for sale by people who wanted to move into new construction homes , contingent on the sale of their current home, and many for sale by late coming investors (aka the lemmings lol) who came in and bought at the top of the market and are now stuck.

It's like anything you are selling or buying, do your homework. The market will dictate your price when selling a house. Unless you are very lucky and a buyer seems intent on buying your house for emotional reasons, you will learn the hard way.

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