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August 22, 2006


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Here are two other ways that I have found save a lot of money on clothing:

1. Outlet stores. Not the kind that cluster together in "Outlet Malls" - which are often just duplicates of their in-mall stores which only marginally lower prices. I'm talking about the true outlet stores. I went to the GAP outlet in Hebron, KY with my wife on Sunday, and I bought a Banana Republic dress shirt with a $59.99 price tag for $12.99 and a pair of GAP khakis that retail for $40 cost me only $6.99... of course, you have to carefully check each piece of clothing for defects, but there are gems in the bunch.

2. Costco. All of their clothing is typically more than 50% cheaper than retail prices. I am a particular fan of the Kirkland Select dress shirts. They cost $14.99, but rival the major brand $60 dress shirts in quality of construction. Costco is also a great place to buy jeans for very low prices.

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