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August 10, 2006


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Thanks for the additional information. We are having our carpets steam cleaned today, but will look into buying a machine. Maybe this will be our last time to hire it out.

One additional piece of info...we borrowed a steam cleaner from a friend (I don't think it was you :-]) and it did an okay job on some pet stains. However, I think it's performance was effected by the age of our carpet (which is probably 8 years old). I think stain resistence deteriorates with age, so that may be a consideration when choosing your own machine vs. professional cleaning. The better the carpet, the better the cleaner will work.

If you have a large house, yes, buying a good steam cleaner is the long-term way to go. Also I agree that the machines you can rent are
NOT very good at the job.

I have only about 250 sq ft of carpet; a few months ago I had it professionally steam cleaned for $50 and was very happy with the results. I tried Craigslist and was astonished at how many individuals have vans and equipment to do this sort of work - there is a LOT of competition and many good deals to be had.

our "free" local paper has tons of ad's for carpet cleaning, most of which are 3 rooms for under $100. We got lucky and found a hoover for $10 in a rumage sale for a daycare. I clean the carpets 2-3 times a year with 3 kids and neutral carpet.

We used to have a dog that left stains. (bladder cancer) From what I've been told pet stains can get down into the wood and no matter how many times you clean the carpet the stained wood will release back into the carpet over time. The only fix is repairing or sealing the wood. We're saving to have our carpet removed and putting in hard wood.

Forgot to ask in my post. What is your wife's secret formula?

Not sure. I try to stay as far away from the machine as possible lest I be asked to run it. ;-)

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