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August 11, 2006


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Your cereal analysis is similar to mine. The kids are all grown and flown now, but while they were growing up (and still), I had my top dollar that I'd spend on cereal: $2 per 16 oz box, or appx. 16 cents per ounce. Malt-O-Meal always filled the bill, even if I couldn't find boxes in my price range on a particular occasion.

I'm also a $2 per pound cheese girl. For this price, I go to Sam's and buy the 5 lb bricks. But that's another story.... :)

Is there a generic or alternate brand of Cracklin' Oat Bran, or does it ever go on sale? I am loath to pay nearly $5.00 for a small box of it, but it is in fact the tastiest breakfast cereal on the face of the planet!

I know what you mean! I used to buy it just to snack on (with no milk). But you're right -- it's a very small box and very pricey -- and I haven't found a substitute/generic (though I think they do coupon it regularly). Hence, I switched to Frosted Mini-Wheats. ;-)

Have you ever tried Museli cereals? You can make them at home: old-fashioned oatmeal, cereal flakes (like wheat or bran), dried or fresh fruit and some nuts. It's kind of like granola, but not baked and it is sooo goood. If you buy it, it's $$$$ but if you make it, it's $.

I have to disagree - all of the off-brand cereals I've tried are noticeably inferior to the name brands. I'm not a brand snob, but cereal is one of the few items that I stick to the name brands.

That said, I only buy at the grocery store on sale with a coupon; otherwise I get it from Target. Target isn't quite as cheap as grocery-store+sale+coupon, but it's about 40% cheaper than the grocery store's full price.

We eat a lot of cereal (all three kids and I eat it every morning), so this is worth being smart about.

I never buy Shredded wheat (YUCK!), Frosted O's, or Cheerios so this does not help me one bit. Now if they have a generic Smores cereal? YUM!

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