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August 10, 2006


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My neighbor and I agave each other a ton of vegetable seedlings and cuttings this summer. Another cheap way to vegetable garden (imo) is to start with seeds, instead of plants.

How about some tips on getting cuttings or "starts"? I've been interested in learning how to trade cuttings as a method of cheap landscaping!

Thanks In Advance!

@ IPFreely (lol to the name) Did you mean me?

What we did was to start seeds in little containers. I actually used old juice or cream cartons (because it's waterproofed cardboard, so biodegradable, easy to cut open.)

I cut out a side of the carton (long side) to make a long box (leave the top alone) and punched holes in the bottom. Then you can put in your dirt and start the seeds. When they're big enough, replant.

For cuttings, cut a healthy looking but not too big branch (not too big because it needs to develop a root system and a big branch needs a lot of nutrients.) Put the cuttings in your little container and water a lot. Keep it out of direct sun for a little bit until they settle (maybe a week or two?) Then transplant. Make lots of cuttings, and give away to random strangers so you have lots of friends and food. This is how I met random strangers: I saw them gardening and offered to give them stuff. So they gave me stuff back!

My neighbor was smarter: she used little cheapy plastic pots (the ones that have six sections and are like 0.10).

Also, I would recommend using good seed and sturdy types of plants. Some plants really want to grow and can take a lot of abuse (veggies). So grow them and save the orchids for someone else. :)

I have received free trees (saplings) from the Arbor Day Organization ( For a fairly inexpensive membership fee ($10 - $15 annually), you will receive 10 free baby trees. Last time I checked they gave you the choice of evergreen, flowering or oak trees. While the saplings are small (12-18 inches) they grow quickly when given lots of tlc. I planted mine 2 years ago and they are already 3 - 4 feet tall.

My husband & I moved to the Pocono, PA area to give our sons (ages 2 & 3) better life. We had our home built by a well-known builder and thought they would be "kind enough" to use the dirt from basement foundation to level out our uneven land. Instead our dirt was sold to some one else. Now we have almost an acre of uneven land, a small wetland area where mosquitos love to call home (we found out about this AFTER the land sale was complete) and no safe place for our children to run and play. Many of our neighbros have great yards with pool s& play yard sets. All we want is some dirt to fill our property so perhaps one day we can seed it and grow grass. Does anyone know where we can get some FREE dirt (fill) in the Poconos? Please help... Thanks!

Any ideas where I can get 200 or more used railroad ties for free?

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