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August 01, 2006


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the benefits of cutting TV have severly dropped with the advent of bundling

We pay the $13 during football season for basic cable. I get it installed at the end of August or beginning of September, and then cancel it at the beginning of February.

We are with you and use the regular broadcast antenna. I get funny looks when I tell people that we do not have dish or cable at home. But we try to do things as a family and stay plenty busy without needing to watch TV.

We used to have a package with Dish satellite that was running us about $53.00 a month. But about 2 months ago we switched from that one to DishFamily. It is running us, with local channels about $24.99 plus tax. Without the local channels it is $19.99 a month. I didn't want the barebones package but I did want one with a lot of children's and educational programming but I didn't want to have to put up with MTV, Spike etc. since I have small children.

I have DISH Network as well. It fits my budget perfectly. Cutting out TV completely to save money definitely isn't necessary. I work for DISH and they have a variety of packages to fit different tastes and budgets. I have a few friends who've saved by switching.

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