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August 30, 2006


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Sears buyers beware! I am having the same hell of a time with a $800 Lemon Nortictrack treadmill my wife bought at Sears. Basically, you buy it, they deliver it and set it up, it works for an hour, breaks and they disappear until you give up trying to get your money back. Service warrenty is the biggest joke EVER.
My remedy is the path of least resistance. Join a gym, meet new people, never buy anything from Sears again.

Ok, I don't buy anything at Sears... They turned me down for a credit card 25 years ago when I was in college. (no bad credit, either!) Yes, I have a long memory.

However... Our water heater failed in our relatively newly acquired townhouse. Took a look at it, it was a Sears with about 1 month left on a 10 year warranty. They were out that day and replaced it for free.

Also... careful about what you put in writing. I would not be surprised if they have corporate counsel sitting around with nothing better to do that harass you for libel/slander.

Good luck with the elliptical, though.



DW --

I'm not a lawyer, but I believe libel/slander is a false misrepresentation of the facts. I'm telling the truth, have it documented, and it can be validated by Sear's our maintenance and customer service records.

One of the things that everyone has to remember is that the company needs to know why you are not purchasing anything from them. If you just don't buy from them, then they chalk it up to a "seasonal" slump or something of the like. I encourage people to go into Sears as often as possible, look at their products, then when a sales person approaches them, tell them that you will not buy anything from them because of their lack of good customer service and warranty repair. That is what I plan to do. I will be in the market for a stove here soon, but I won't get it there. And I plan on telling them why. Maybe, if they get enough of these types of comments, then they will look at improving their processes. Just my two cents.

price is what you pay, value is what you get

I don't know what you people are up to, but not doing the right thing here!
Great to use this as a sounding board, but use it wisely!
I STILL have the 800 Eliptical from sear, the first one I had broke within 6-months, I spoke with the sales agent at FIRST. I had no results, I then called the toll free # for spare parts and service. This is where things get informative. She advised me to contact the store manager and advise them that I was having problems, and that I've already contacted the spare parts and service company and they are aware of the problem. With that, I was invited up to the Sears to get my new 800 elliptical with full warranty. I've had no issues since.
SO...don't stop where you have, wise up and keep pushing, ask questions and move on!

Hello, I am sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having with your elliptical machine. I also purchased that same machine from Sears about a year ago. I noticed also that the batteries wear out very quickly, and while I am on the machine the blue screen would go blank quite often. I also have a knocking sound while I am on it. But I just found out something interesting about this machine, it can be plugged in. You need to purchase a 6 volt power supplier. The website we purchased it from is [email protected], there phone number is 1-800-999-3756, the price of the part is $44.05, the shipping and handling is a little high $15.69. We just ordered it and are waiting for its arrival. But it sounds like you are having more problems than just the console going out. I don't know why the user's manual does not say a thing about plugging in this machine instead of using the batteries. I was thinking about purchasing a more expensive elliptical machine that can be plugged in because it is so aggravating when you are on the machine and the console goes out.

Thanks for the tip, but the last time we had a repairman, he showed us how to hook up our power source (one we already had) to the machine so it ran via electricity.

Like you, I can't believe they don't put that in the owner's manual.

If you are looking for a quality piece of exercise equipment you must seek out a local specialty fitness retailer. The price tags will be substantially higher than those at Sears however, the product quality and service will be much much better. Proform is a brand name owned my Icon fitness,which ownes a number of substandard equipment brands. These brands pride themselves in quantity rather than quality. Next time you decide to "get in shape" do some research.

Many years ago I made the mistake of paying cash for a storm door to be installed by Sears. I left work more than once and waited for the installer who never showed up. Finally after six weeks of waiting I went to the store with my baby in his stroller and started picketing the store. Until the manager came and made me leave I was getting handshakes from everyone who saw me. Amazingly, by the time I got back home someone was there installing my storm door! (On backwards but functional.)

I used to work at sears, and from my experience working there, all we really care about is customer service. So if you feel like youre not getting the best customer service then get in touch with a manager, and if nothing works out for you state, that they are loosing a "customer for life". Sears main objective is to win customers for life, meaning customers who will continually buy from them, and they will do anything to meet that need. But nonetheless from my experience, their customer service is good, we bought a refridgerator and we couldnt get the filter out and we didnt even purchase extended warranty, but they came to take out the filter and add a new one in. So i dont think you should bash Sears for its customer service.

Nilesh --

I'm not bashing Sears -- just telling what my experience has been -- and it hasn't been good. I've contacted the whole group, and made no progress, though there may be a breakthrough coming. Stay tuned.

The machine now squeaks in the front and there seems to be way too much sway in the front stem as the machine is used. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if the thing just snapped off one night and sent me flying across the room.


I bought a weider pro 4950 gym from sears and parts just kept going on it from the start.
Sears have refused to accept it back so i contacted the manufacturer:icon of canada and they are nearly as bad as sears.
sears customer service is disgusting and they dont want to take responsibility for the defective items they sell which could cause horrific injuries.
They also use false advertisments to make sales.
Countless discrepancies between catalogue items and actual items

Wow bummer i was GOING to buy an elliptical machine from Sears because they seemed sturdier than those at Kmart LMBO didnt know they were same Co. Oh well will find somewhere else

Wow bummer i was GOING to buy an elliptical machine from Sears because they seemed sturdier than those at Kmart LMBO didnt know they were same Co. Oh well will find somewhere else

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