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August 30, 2006


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I'm not certain what the financially-educated would think of this, but my husband and I have decided that part of retirement plan involves keeping our living expenses smaller.

For example, we want to have our home completely paid off. We also want a smaller home - it's less expensive to heat and maintain. We want to have a grid-tied solar/wind generating system that gives us a net zero energy bill at years end. We also want to establish a large garden from which we can grow much of our own produce.

We do have a healthy 401k plan and are moving on to the next step of investing as we have the 401k maxed out to the matching fund limit. But, investments aren't our sole focus for retirement.

-just my two cents worth

I also set my retirement goals. I don't want to downsize and spend the rest of my life just getting by. Life is too short. It shold be lived and enjoyed. Why not find assets like businesses and real estate that are more sturdy that can throw off passive income and have your money growing at a much higher rate, and keep investing in your "safe" 401k and Funds? Relying on not needing $ or acccepting such small returns seem much more scarey to me than learning to manage the risk of hgher return investments.

What are your thoughts on target retirement funds?

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