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September 25, 2006


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One thing that I like about ETFs compared to mutual funds is the knowing the price I will be getting.

I like to buy my mututal funds and indexes on down days. With ETFs I can place a limit order to make sure I get in on a down day.

Great Points- I agree that ETFs are loaded with advantages and have very few disadvantages. The bottom line is that they are less expensive and more simple than a traditional mutual fund. The increase in money flow into passive money management demonstrates that point and should continue into the future.

One small correction about the Marotta article. Not all ETFs are based on Market-Cap Indexes. In fact, a few ETF companies are directly opposed to this style of investing. New indexes are created regularly which are unlike the S&P 500 or Dow Jones. Take WisdomTree Investments- the new ETF line based on dividends. They use a rules-based methodology (often referred to as a structured-equity approach) when selecting stocks to fit into their funds. PowerShares does the same thing and is quite popular right now. Because they don't use the market cap system, they tend to favor small cap stocks with low volume in less favorable sectors. This has been a great tactic for the past 5 years or so, but watch out, Dow Jones is about to bust 12,000!

One last point- while the market cap system may not be favorable all the time, it is, technically, how the economy is constructed. Most financial professionals would agree that a market cap index is still the most economically accurate index to follow.

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