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September 20, 2006


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Your mileage may vary widely depending upon where you go, but in most cases you will have American trained doctors that just happen to be from a foreign country and who returned home after finishing their education and internships.

The moneycentral article missed the punchline about Garrett's story:
"Local leaders at United Steelworkers, Garrett's union, voiced loud objections to the trip. At the last minute, Blue Ridge Paper told him it was off."
This is from a piece I heard on radio recently.
Here is the link

Did you steal this idea from Flexo :)

Steve --

Ha! I actually posted on it first -- it's just that my post was put into a "future post" setting to hit today. ;-)

That said, Flexo is my hero. (Other than Nickel...and Jim)

Nice. Would the union rather have healthcare outsourced to India, or have the whole mill offshored to China? Or maybe door number three: let the company die because it can't compete...


I'm a reader from India. My comment on this post is a bit late - however, i would like to answer your question about medical care in India. In India, the quality of care you get vary widely depending on where you go to. If you go to a hospital run by the government, it is free but the quality is not so good. If you go to the top rung private hospitals, then the quality is as good as anywhere else in the world. Most of the hospitals that cater to foreign nationals are very good and dependable. Leading ones are getting certified by JCI so that people coming from US can actually claim their expenses from insurance companies back in the US. For the hospitals, it's good revenue.



The only caution I have is that my husband is a Dental Lab Technician. He makes crowns and bridges. He says that when a crown is placed, the fit has to be good and if not, leaks under the crown can cause decay. This is where the technician and dentist have to BOTH do their job well or the results are not good. We know several people who have gone to mexico and had 10-20 crowns done at a fraction of the cost of the U.S. One person in particular (this is not isolated) lost all of those teeth 5 years later and had to have a denture put in. So I would say do your research well and make sure it is a clinic that others have had good luck with if you are going to have dental work done in Mexico (I don't know about other countries).

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