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September 27, 2006


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LOL- very creative. The next advice is to tie up and grow that money that you save by spedning less than you earn!

Great advice! Although a better one would probably be "EARN MORE THAN YOU SPEND." It's just a different way of looking at it. Basically, if you want to spend more, then find other sources of income.

By looking at it this way, we are not accepting the fact that we cannot have what we want. Instead, we need to realize that we can have anything we want, but we have to do something other than just work 9 to 5 everyday.

Thanks for participating! I like the creativity!

Thats really interesting i achallenge i have is what to invest in with the little savings i make......
I have one source of income which is my job..en every mouth i save just 50000 uganda shillings en i actually spend less than i earn.....

If people would only heed to this advice, use products to it's true end life, recycle, use 2nd hand products, live below their means, cook more good food at home, eat out as a treat, save from useless impulsive purchases, we would NOT be in the DIRE situation that we are in today in the US.

It is a real shame that a country so rich can fall down so quickly and create a global turmoil. Of course, Oil is not helping, but that is different.

Thanks for doing your best to bring out GREAT topics.....I really dig it.


when you really want to save money the best thing to buy is nothing.

Simplicity is key. Great post.

It took me 10 years to dig myself out of a mess of debt I found myself in. Now that I've been debt free for awhile, I can say from experience, you really don't NEED most of what you spend your money on.

I've been downsizing these last three years and have financial freedom. I'm far from being rich, but freedom is priceless in my opinion.

Spend less than you make, so you don't need the big stressful job.

In addition to spending less than one earns, there's a list of 4 additional stupid things that take about a 6th grade intelligence to understand yet, it seems that millions cannot grasp. Avoidance of these same errors are what make people wealthy (i.e. becoming wealthy is a function of avoiding theses money mistakes)

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