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September 12, 2006


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This mentions the average salary for professional atheletes. Since their salary structure is top heavy, with the superstars making far more than the "average" professional, the median salary would be much more informative than the average salary, but I bet the median salary wasn't mentioned in the article.

Is this "average" the median, mean, or mode? It matters enormously with pro athletes. I assure you the median PGA tour golfer isn't making $975K/year, but Tiger's gazillions would skew the arithmetic mean upward...

this just aint right they dont even do that much

I think this is highly entertaining. The information gives me so much to look at. If only I had more names, like Opera Winfree.

I love Nichole Christie! She is awesome in her own way and yeah. So i"m gonna go home and eat some cereal not (Fruit Loops) so yeah. Peace dogs

This is a silly statistic - the top 150 golfers in the world are usually the same 150 that get to keep their tour card at the end of each year. I can garuntee that the 150 mark is below $750,000 so there is no way that the average player is making over $900,000. There are another few hundred or more guys out there trying to make it and unable to retain their tour card. These stats are an awfull assesment of a fabricated reality.

This information did not come from the july 31 2004 issue of SI because no issue cam out on that day.

Josh --

Who said it was 2004?

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