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September 07, 2006


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I know you've been writing alot about this aggravation recently, but don't recall from previous postings whether you researched Consumer Reports from a year or two ago when they reviewed ellipitcal trainers. Their verdict: several of the brands sold through Sears, including Nordic Trak, are cruddy.
We've had good luck with a Horizon brand elliptical(purchased at a discount because it was a floor model - how FMF can you get?).

No, like a dork I didn't check Consumer Reports (like I usually do). Shame on me, huh? I know -- live and learn. ;-(

Here's the first problem... he bought a NordicTrack. Notoriously bad brand. We've had a Horizon treadmill since March and it hasn't given us one problem yet (knock on wood).

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