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September 13, 2006


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I live in a condo now, so it is too much a hassle to do it myself. But as soon as I have a drive way of my own, I will do it myself.

The garages just can't be trusted, even on simple things like an oil change. See this well-publicized report on NBC about Jiffy Lube, a high-end service shop.

I had my last oil change at Walmart and found them to be very fair. The guy I dealt with was honest and showed me what you get for their cheapest oil change all the way up to the deluxe one. I went for a medium-priced one cause they checked things I didn't want to be bothered with myself. I'd sure go back there again.

To the change your oil less often suggestion... changing your oil is probably one of the cheapest ways you can ensure the life of your car. There are quite a few rather expensive problems that you can be sure to avoid by changing the oil every 3 months/3000 miles.

It's funny, last time I took my car into the dealer (I get free oil changes as long as I own the car), the mechanic there told me that I didn't need to get the oil changed yet per the manufacturer's specs (1 yr/5000 miles). I asked him how often he gets his oil changed. He laughed and said 3 months or 3000 miles. Haven't had a comment from the guys there since.

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