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October 16, 2006


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I'll take the Yugo.

Wow, your right! I just did some quick calculations for my 16 pound terrier, and it comes out to around $1000 a year. And that doesn't include medical procedures which are probably another $1000 over the last 9 years. It's worth it though. There is nothing more loyal and devoted than a dog! Now if I could just get that stain out of the carpet...

Speaking of carpet stains, don't forget to factor in the impact a pet can have on your durable goods and your home. Carpets get stained, doors get scratched, fabric furniture gets ruined, screens get clawed, plants get dug up, shoes get eaten, etc. There's a reason landlords either forbid pets or require extralarge deposits from their owners.

pets cost much much less than children. Aren't as messy and don't talk. I figure skipping kids is really the best way to save money. Why all the focus on eliminating pets and no talks of being childless?

It depends on the pet! Our pets (2 cats and a dog) are well trained, and don't destroy anything! We spend money on food, kitty litter, the occasional bag of treats or a toy, and registration. My mom is a vet, so she covers our vet expenses like vaccines and revolution, however I can see how those could add up. Our dog did get hit by a car once which cost us about $1500 in emergency vet bills. Overall, yes, expensive, but well worth it!!

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