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October 18, 2006


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The following web page (from 2004) claims that eBates sometimes installs software without the user's knowledge.

I don't know whether to believe it, but internet commerce can be pretty shady so it makes me wary of signing up.

FatWallet does some cash back as well. Buy from a store after getting there from and you can get cash back. I just got $18 back on my xbox 360, 4% from It isn't anything huge, but when i get that money back, I'll be happy.

Regarding #1, its often easier to go shopping a couple of days before the sale. A lot of retailers will refund you the difference if an item goes on sale up to 7 or 30 days after you purchased it (it varies). The only trick is you have to remember to go back to the store to the customer service desk to get your refund. But hey, at least you already have the merchandise, and hopefully the customer service line is shorter than the checkout line.

I use both ebates and fatwallet. The prices are any different when you go through them. A couple percent back isn't much but if you're going to buy it anyway you might as well get the cash back.

I use eBates as well, and to success. The prices are not higher, you are routed to the regular site through eBates, so it's no different. Each month, they cut you a "big fat check" for your cash back.

It's a particularly good service to use for big ticket online purchases, like airfare.

I do take things back to receive the price difference if the item costs more than $20, and my local KMart is very good about refunding this difference. I like shopping on line because I often get things cheaper at the virtual store than I can at the local bricks and mortar version of the same store, and I always check several sites to see if there are any discounts.

A quick google search with the store name and words "promotion code" or "coupon code" will often yield a code that can be entered at checkout. I haven't found a single site that regularly updates all retailers' codes and have found it best to do a general search when making a purchase. I routinely get free shipping this way, or at least 10 to 15% off.

#1- Thanks, never even thought about that OR about going back to get the price adjusted.

#4- This can be done several ways, e.g. Citi Merchants Network, They require some kind of membership, but it beats paying to save!

I agree, many coupon sites are not kept up to speed. I have found that is the most up to date site that I use to find coupons for online retailers.

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