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October 19, 2006


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Our discussed limit is $500, but neither one of us actually follows that protocol. In reality it's probably closer to $200 without discussion. I'd much rather have it this way (on the low side) than the high side!

I don't think I would need to "ask" but to twist the answer a little bit:

I would spend up to $100 dollars without mentioning it to my (hypothetical) wife. I would definitely let her know if I was thinking of buying an iPod or a car or somthing in that range.

We each give ourselves a monthly "allowance" for personal spending ($100 for her, $50 for me) for which the other can't really say much about. Anything else is discussed.

Because we're newly married and money is tight, anything over $50 is usaully discussed before hand. Though she's better at this than I am sometimes.

We're on a budget, so anything over our set "limits" is discussed.

Pretty much nothing beyond gas money. We have completely joint accounts and look at them frequently to make sure there's been no identity theft issues (we had problems with this a few years ago), so we ask each other about anything out of the ordinary.

I think my maximum would be about $100.

$100. Glad to see there is someone else out there who has "completely joint accounts". It's worked for us for 20 years, but all of our friends have separate accounts.

Yikes! I'd much rather have $65 of kitchen gadgets than have to see you in bike shorts!

I think I can speak for the majority of your readers when I say that your wife did us all a favor by spending your dough on kitchen stuff rather than letting you buy spandex (or is it lycra? what the heck is the difference?).

Nice...real nice.

Maybe I'll just email you a pic of me in my bike gear, huh? Expect it in your Christmas card. ;-)

Hahaha. I knew that would get a response! By the way, if you send me the pic, there's a high probability that I'll publish it on my site... So be careful!

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