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October 02, 2006


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hey FMF, keep it up!

I've used international editions as well.

They are usually soft cover, black and white versions of the US textbook.

The US version from the University bookstore was ~$150 and used was ~$110. I bought the international version it online with shipping for $44. I will be getting an international edition for the rest of my books.

I used to regularly spend over $650 on my college textbooks. That is until I got smart! Some one recommended a site called, for buying discount books. The a book price comparison search engine. What they do is crawl the Internet for you to find the lowest book price on the Internet. I suggest you try checking them out as my bill went from $650 to $200.

For my kids' first semester, we're generally forced to buy their books from the bookstore (because they register for classes only a few days before the start of class). Thereafter, we always rely on and similar sites. (I agree with the writer regarding foreign language workbooks; three small workbooks for an intro to Italian class cost me $195 USED!!)

I couldn’t stand how much I had to pay for books on top of tuition. To Buy College Textbooks at a fair price, I went to and got the prices that every student deserves. Not only did I get a fair price, but I got the most up-to- date edition for all of my classes.

If you’re looking for cheap college books, you have to check out I used to buy used from one of the stores at UDEL until I found this site, they had every textbook I needed for this semester for like half the price. Then, you can sell them back to the stores for the same price. Can’t beat it.

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