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October 16, 2006


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Is there any chance of cutting back the "one year ago today" posts? I don't think they really add anything, and they greatly reduce the value of the moneyblognetwork RSS feed. In a way, I think you're using other people's blogs to push posts you have done little to update in a year. Thanks for the consideration.

Frankly, someone needs to write "Millionaire Next Door, the City Edition". There are ways to be a "millionaire next door" without moving to a demographically dying, economically failing area with awful weather.

It always fascinates me that Warren Buffett has lived in the same home for over 30 years.

@anon: I think that this site has become extremely popular during the past year and there are a lot of new people whose eyes have not seen the posts from a year ago. Plus the advice is the same no matter what year it is...

I don't mind them. It's a nice refresher.

Yep, what Binary Dollar said.

Kurt -- BTW, I didn't mean to be flip with you. But BD summarized what I would have said.

Not to pile on, but as a newcomer to this site I appreciate the re-posting of past info.

(Great work here, FMF!)

I'd like to see a version of Millionaire specifically for recent college grads living in a city. Most of the people in the original book were fairly well established in their careers and spending habits. While that is great for doing research it doesn't really help someone starting out learning how to change their habits accordingly.

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