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October 02, 2006


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Hope the 24 hours of Free Money Finance is a big success. Most of the ideas seem like commone sense, but I never thought about buying gas on a tuesday or wednesday morning. I doubt that if you are going to spend money on oversized tires and spinning rims you are going to be concerned about gas mileage.

What I don't understand is how gas stations that aren't too far apart can vary in price so drastically. I live in the Tampa Bay area. I live in Tampa but drive to St Petersburg across the bay for work. Prices in St Petersburg are up to 25 cents CHEAPER than in Tampa. How does this happen. I can't imagine that the taxes could vary that much.

Oh whole point here is to plan accordingly if this is the case for you too. I will fill up when I am on that side of the bay even if I could go a while longer on the current tank of gas.

Actually, a roof rack really can impact your mileage by up to 3%. It may not be that high, but I have seen studies done where an empty roof rack did increase the drag quite a bit. Add something onto the roof rack and you are looking at even more.

ITA. The aerodynamics of having the roof rack (even without anything on it) will decrease your mileage by much more than you think.

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