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October 02, 2006


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i don't pay for cable.
i don't feel it worth it. in my area it costs at least around $40-50 without extras (i am not talking about getting the spare type for better reception on the free stations).
if i can get reception, then great. if i can't through my $40 antenna, then too bad. i don't want to PAY for bad tv; cable = more bad tv, more $.

i like one-time expenses. i do not like recurring ones. if you add it up for the year it's a lot of money!

I also have the very most basic cable option. In fact it's not an option Comcast advertises, you have to ask for it. But for $12/mth I get 30 channels. Can't beat that.

Been thinking about this for awhile myself.

I'm in the same boat as the commenter (can't get reception without cable, so I have the basic option). $14.50 for 26 channels isn't bad.

But I have to say that I *love* TV, and I *really* love good TV, and still miss not getting the cable networks with edgy dramas. Or, on the more noble side, the Discovery Channel suite with all of the informational programs. And when I get to the point that my other fixed expenses have dropped enough, getting expanded cable or [hushed, reverent tones] digital, I will get it and I will watch it.

"dropped enough to let me get"

Where did that comma come from?

Guess I'm in the fourth category. LOL I barely watch any local/network programming.

I dropped cable TV, not only because of the price, but because is a huge time waste. There is always something "interesting" going on.

Instead, I subscribed to Netflix, 3 DVDs at a time. I see about 12 good movies/month, meaning that I waste only about 1 hour/day or less on "TV". Now I have time to read blogs, books and magazines, and I learn something new every day. Priceless!

Never had it, don't know that I ever will. Of course, my kids think I'm a curmudgeon ;-)

I haven't had cable for years and no I don't miss it. i get all the channels I would ever need with my rabbit ears and for the most part they come in clear. Dump cable there is nothing on anyway!

I did drop cable for about 4 months. I had extended basic and it cost about $45/month. I have to admit it though, I did miss the local news and the Discovery channel. But I didn't miss the price! I now subscribe to basic cable at $14/month, and it comes with local channels and Discovery. I am willing to pay that because here in the Sierra foothills, we get no reception with an antenna.

I get free Cable. I have cable internet. Cancelled my cable TV - turns out my local provider can't provide cable internet and filter off TV so I still get it, just don't pay for it.

I have DISH Network and don't want to trade it for any alternative. I pay a lot less than my friends with cable and I have new and innovative technology that cable doesn't offer. I have a Sling Adapter connected to my DVR so that I can watch my DVR's and live TV anywhere I go with my Smartphone where high-speed internet is available. I can literally travel the world with my TV in my pocket and pay nothing more for this featured quality on my monthly bill. I work for DISH so I know that the product here is well worth the reasonable cost.

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