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October 25, 2006


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Ugh... This one is a killer for me. I have an extremely drafty 100+ year old home. Everytime the heat or air comes on I get visions of dollar bills just flying out the windows. We try to seal it up, but unless we could put the money into it for real renovations the dollars will continue to blow through all the cracks and crevices.

Other than that - this is a great tip!

I am in the process of adding insulation to my attic right now. I have been noticing since it has gotten colder a few places where there are leaks, and I hope to plug those before I leave for New York to run the marathon in a week. I probably won't get it done until I get back though. Because I do not get cold and my wife does not mind wearing sweatshirts, though, we wait to turn the heat on until the last possible moment. Even in the evenings when we are home we'll ask one another before turning the heat up to where we would like it, and then turn it back off as soon as it gets there so it cools off by the time we're sleeping.

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