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October 17, 2006


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We were just discussing some similar issues on PW - another point to look into is to ensure those exposed pipes and taps are properly lagged, to protect against freezing and bursting the pipes in your home. :)

Off topic (sort of):

Regarding gutters, I would be curious to know if you would recommend the covered gutters to others, based on your own experience.

The reason I ask is because I need to have gutters installed on the 2nd level of our home, and I'm not particularly enthusiastic about having to clean them frequenty, due to the risk involved with the height. I already have some non-covered gutters on a lower level, but I don't mind cleaning those.

I'm wondering if the covered gutters really are really "maintenance free", and as such require less (or no) cleaning. Do you ever have to clean your covered gutters? If so, how often? Also, which brand do you have (there appear to be several, e.g. gutterhelmet, etc)?

Whenever I read reviews on them I always see mixed opinions. Some people swear by them, some people claim they still need frequent cleaning, and that they are more difficult to clean than regular gutters.

What is your opinion on them?


Chris --

I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help.

We had ours installed (I don't know what kind) when we bought the house seven years ago. (There were NO gutters on the back of the house when we bought it.) I had a crew check them out a few years ago and they were clean and water continues to run down the spouts, so I'd say they are maintenance free.

If I were you, I'd do a "how much do they cost to install" versus "how much would it cost (in dollars or your time/risk) to clean the current ones over the same period." If you then decide to go with the covered option, ask the installers for a guarantee -- that they will work or else the installers will come out and clean them every year for X number of years.

Good luck!

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