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October 25, 2006


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An aside to this tip: Don't use that "extra" money on crap. Use it for something that will help you, like an IRA, emergency fund, or mortgage payments.

I hate calculators like this. They are completely irrelevant to me. I have my taxes figured out for my past situation, where I wind up owing about $100 every year come tax time.

This year, with a house, new side income, a marriage, and my wife quitting her job to go to law school, everything is different so I have no idea if I am withholding too much or not enough.

These tools ask how things were last year, but give me no way to input what my actual situation is. Obviously, if I got a big refund last year, then I do not need as much withheld. I'd rather be able to give it hypothetical info and have it tell me how much I should be having withheld.

Am I naive? I've always filled out my W-4 'by the book' following its instructions, as I figure that's the law and doing otherwise (i.e., adding another exemption/deduction even though I am unmarried and have no dependents) would be illegal.

I have used that calculator before and it told me to report the same number of withholdings that I already it was pointless to me. And I like getting a refund, and use it to pay off bills or get that extra something (like new glasses). This year it will go towards grad school!!


You can complete your W-4 any way you would like - it is how you file your taxes (as single, married, etc.) that has to be truthful.

The W-4 is basically a form that employers use to determine how much you take out of your check for taxes...


I totally see your point & that is why I do a projection at least every three months that tells me how much I am on track to earn and withhold for the year along with an ESTIMATE of end of year deduction, exemption, credits, etc to get me to a final tax payable/receivable figure.

Maybe Mr FMF could post a formula for people in your situation...

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