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October 20, 2006


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Argh, you are killing me. ;-).

I read the question and then the whole thing and at the end you basically say that you'll answer it later.

At least you linked to some other posts so I can get an idea.

I am a regular reader of your blog. Would you mind posting your actual asset allocation i.e the percentage by asset class and the fund that you use for that asset class?



Hey, would you mind posting exactly what your portfolio is? The combination of your articles and actually viewing what you own could really help make a strong connection as to what and why.


Hi, FMF-guy, sorry to post this in wrong area, but couldn't find link
in your email.

Hope this wins me the fee 2008 Quicken:

We moved from Plainsboro, NJ to AZ in July of 2003. We got a (40 ft???) container,
basically a railroad car, dropped in front of our house, filled it with furniture,
9,000 books, a piano, disassembled bookcases, tools, a 1994 Cutlass Sierra, beds,
mattresses, etc. They had to fill the inside of the container, put stuff over and under
the car, and barely managed to close the container doors. (I didn't have to lift
a finger, except to do all my own packing beforehand, and to get a tow truck to
load the car into the container.)
After the container was full, a truck arrived and the driver took the container to a
railroad facility in northern NJ (Elizabeth??, Union??). From there it went by rail to Los Angeles, and was then trucked back to Phoenix, AZ area, and unloaded at my new house.

The cost to me, excluding getting a tow truck to load/unload the car, was $3500.00.
If I remember correctly, the guy in NJ who arranged the container shipping for me was
Frank Ho, a real estate agent. And that real estate connection was the key. He said he'd
give us a break on the shipping if we let him have the real estate sale. He sold our house
for us in 3 days.

I'm sure Mr. Ho didn't lose money on the deal. Perhaps we should have negotiated down the
R.E. commission instead. But I had gotten extremely high quotes on moving costs due to
the weight of the books, car, piano, etc. So using the container method seemed great.
It took a week or so for the goods to arrive in AZ.

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