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November 13, 2006


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Wow that is a lot of links. How am I ever going to get any work done today!

Very awesome post. I'll be sure to bookmark this on the toolbar.

Useful aggregation.

I liked your article and would like to add some helpful ideas I have also put together:

Here are some Christmas Shopping Tips I have thought about and put together…
It doesn’t need to really be the time of year that shoppers dread and retailers relish. If you're like many people, just the idea of planning and shopping and decorating for Christmas puts you into a panic. It's true; the holidays cause a lot of stress for countless people. Fear not, I have some tips that will help ease your holiday shopping burden and get your holiday time online easier and faster so you can deal with other important issues over the Christmas/holiday season.

First thing is that you should write things down, make lists and think about what presents you need and who you need gifts for. Spend a little time sitting down with a pad and pen or in front of your computer and write down who you're buying gifts for, any ideas for gifts that you have.
Plan how you will go about your shopping and where you plan to shop. If you're planning on doing a major shopping trip, decide on your primary shopping destination and then consider the places you'll be passing on your way. For instance, if you'll be going to be shopping at the mall, there might be several specialty shops on the way to the mall where you can stop in and pick up gifts, wine, stocking stuffers, or gift certificates for those hard-to-shop-for people.

If you plan to shop online then first thing to do is know exactly what type of gift you need and then go to several leading coupons and bargain websites to see if the items you want have coupons, rebates or free shipping available at suitable stores. Some coupon sites I use regularly for this are: - plenty of rebates available for a number of promotions, one of my favourites, everything from flowers to food available. – great variety of stores, they offer bargains for companies like Newegg, Sony, Reebok plus many for smaller less known stores. - friendly site where some exclusive bargains can be found for, and others.

An important thing to do is to make a rough outline of your budget. Decide before you head out how much money you want to spend on each family member, friend or person on your list, as well as for food and drink. Prioritize the most important people in your life as 1, 2, 3 etc. This is just a guideline of course, but the better prepared you are then the less likely you will be to overspend.

The main things to remember is to plan out your shopping and to avoid crowds then get in as early as possible and preferably online for your shopping. Don’t forget to check out what’s available after Christmas too as most online stores heavily discount most of their pre Christmas stock at bargain sales in to the new year.

Good luck!


Hello, I love all your information on saving money, theres so much here and all great info....I personally am I big believer in the pay yourself first sytem, I look at myself as my biggest debt.

Thanks for all the information! This is a great collection of posts about saving money.

Wow, great list, and this is a niche I deal with a lot. Your collection of medical saving tips is more than I've seen in one place. - Bill

For guys and gals who use razors regularly, extend their life!!!

Unlike annoying and super obvious “behavioral” ways of saving money, here is one with direct use-value. Take a small glass jar, fill it with a half-inch of mineral oil (available at your local pharmacy), and keep your razor in it when not in use. The end!

For dupes like myself who buy the higher end razors (mach III’s and the like), at twenty bucks a pop for a tiny “bulk” pack of razors, this will save you a ton. The reason it works so well is because razor wear is caused by corrosion, NOT USE. Now go look at the ingredient label on your shaving cream/gel: the first primary ingredients are all corrosive acids. Go figure, because the companies that produce shaving cream are also the same collection of companies who produce razors!

This really works. I do some light machining, and machinists always store or use their tools in conjunction with oils in order to keep them sharp, and one day it just clicked. I’m an every other day shaver and I used to go through blades about every ten days before they’d get coarse. Now I’ve been using the same blade for over two months now. I was thinking of turning this into a product, but there are pre-existing patents, and I’d like to help others save money anyway. It’s a free tip, so enjoy!

-A note on use: for sanitary purposes, change the oil once in a while. Also, when done shaving, blow as much water droplets from your razor as possible because they will cling to the razor even in the oil, thus negating the benefits. And before shaving, give the razor a good rinse to remove as much mineral oil as possible. When there is still a lot of mineral oil on the blade it can give you kind of a weird, “un-close” shave because of the lubricating properties of oil. Other than that, fill out the details for yourself. And if you don’t like the look of a sauce jar on your shelf, just find a suitable vase, and there ya go. And feel free to re-post this concept however the heck you want to.

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