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November 03, 2006


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I think for computer science, an advance degree isn't worth more than a bachelor's degree. 2 years of working vs. 2 years of graduate school will bring you to just about the same salary. But if you work instead of going to grad school, you get an extra 2 years of income.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that plays out for us poor souls who thought we wanted to be professors of philosophy or theology while we were in college. At least I haven't seen my Religious Studies and Philosophy degree amount to a whole lot financially.

I think that's one reason I've been torn between an MBA or starting my own business. I'm beginning to think the only way to get past the level I'm currently stuck at is to do one of these things.

Most people with college degrees will overwhelmingly agree with you. But did this study take into account the quality of the degree or just the average? I think that a degree from say Harvard is worth more than a degree from an unknown local college.

I guess the biggest thing the degree gets you, regardless of quality, is the fact that it will open many doors that would remain closed without one.

Binary Dollar: A study was completed years ago that indicated people that were creative and had street smarts had the academic working for them. I left school in grade ten starting a business career at $18.00 a week as an office boy in a newspaper retiring as the President/CEO of a group of very successful TV stations. Excel, hone your creativity and street smarts and take your chances in the business world.

I believe its more who you know instead of what you know. I ran for a public office with a 2 year degree against an incumbent that only had a GED. Everyone hated her and talked bad about her but when election day came they sure voted for her. "Who you know not what you know or the degree you have".

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