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November 15, 2006


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If the problem people have with these posts is because they consider the cost of a pet as necessary because they are part of the family, maybe you need to spend a lot more time talking about the cost of having children...maybe that would rile them up even more.

A $1000 doesn't seem unreasonable, $500 would probably be the bare minimum, but the sky is the limit for medical care.

I just read this article that analyzes whether Brand-X dog food is a better value than premium brands. Interesting conclusion! If you're a dog owner, you might find it helpful:

Sigh, I'm one of the posters who wrote about the cost of pets being a stupid mistake. Still I'm a diehard dog owner married to a another diehard dog lover. Our boys are our kids. And probably always will. I grew up with dogs, love them unconditionally, had one as a buddy from birth, I am not sure if I can do without.

But the costs is easily $1k/year, yeah right probably more. But whatever, it's still cheaper than kids. And it's not the same responsibility, it has similar parallels, and it can easy someone into the idea of kids, but it's not the same.

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