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November 08, 2006


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Good list! I think the easiest way to accomplish this is simply by doing number 1 and pay yourself first. I know it has almost become a cliche, but it really is true. This is exactly how I am able to scrape together money for investing also.

If you have direct deposit of your paycheck, then there is no excuse for not paying yourself first. All you need to do is set up a separate account at your bank, checking or savings, whatever is free and doesn't have weird minimum or withdrawal limitations. Then change your direct deposit to put a little money into this account as well. Maybe it is $10 per pay, maybe it is $20, or even $100. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that the account isn't linked to your debit/atm card so it is hard to get access to.

Next, just link up your brokerage account to this bank account and you are all set. As you build up the account you can easily make investment purchases from that separate account. You can even go one step further as most mutual funds allow for systematic purchases as low as $25. So you can then setup a systematic buy that coincides with your deposits and then everything is automatic. Not only are you paying yourself first, but you've created an automatic process towards building wealth.

All those steps are very important. But I would also include become educated about finances. And continue to inform and reinform yourself. I dont feel that anyone should stop learning ever.

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