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November 28, 2006


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It's a great article. We paid off about $20,000 in CC debt in about 2 years by throwing every extra penny we could at it, including Christmas gifts, bonuses, etc. As soon as the balances got smaller, we then combined them all on to 0% interest cards, which really sped things up. It can be done, it just takes a lot of work and discipline.

Thank-you for inspiring me I have so much dept that I am starting to pay late fees.I hope to get back on track after Jan. 07 But I truly think the the fastest way to make money is to spending it. I have done that. My goal is to spend the day without spending a dollar!It is so amazing to me to see what people buy that they truly do not need. I feel very blessed that we have a roof over our heads and always have food to eat. It may not be pizza but I never go to bed hungry like so many people do. Over the past 6 months I have realized that I can do without so much and be happy! Thank-you again I hope to read more about your jurney.

How do you pay off a boatload of debt on a minimum wage income?

Get a higher paying job.

It's not meant to be a sarcastic answer, but when it comes to money, you have to spend less than you make in order to generate the funds to pay off debt. Since that's hard to do on a minimum wage job, you need to look at options to increase your income to pay off that debt.

For help, see

I agree the best way to pay off debt on minimum wages it to get a better paying job. Its not easy but at least try. Also restrict your current finances and do not buy ANYTHING unnecessary. Keep to a budget and a tight rain on your finances. Constantly check your financial resources this will not only keep you in control of the situation but will make you feel organised and happier. It can become an obsession (don't worry let it be, if you are in a real amount of big debt worring about it and taking serious action against it is good.)
By budgeting you can see if there is any resources left over, and if there is use it for paying off more of your debt.
ABOVE ALL - DO NOT GO TO ANY OF THESE DIRECT DEBIT COMPANIES - they may make you think that they are helping you to pay off all your debt in one go. But the truth is all they are doing is consoladating all of your debt into one. By using them the repayment process will proberbly be a little less but will take twice as long to pay off as there interest rates are sky high.

I can understand where Terry is coming from. I am on a very, very tight budget and I also have to include child care costs. I'm trying to figure out how people make it with 3, 4 or more children. My husband and I do not buy anything that is not a neccessity. It's easy to say get a better paying job but it's not so easy to find in this economy. I have an education, so that is not my issue.

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