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November 09, 2006


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I plan on doing just that. I'm in an incredibly cheap area now where I'm attending College and living. Once I have my Bachelors I'll move to Boston or New York, work for as long as I need to to get established. After that I might go international and travel (that's only if I find a great company) And of course then I'll want to start taking things easier once I get older. I'll probably end up living in Connecticut and commuting to Boston or NY.

For me temporary might mean 5-15 years.

It is a good plan and many middle America companies will be strongly attracted to your big city experience. The difficulty will be returning to a specific area. There may simply not be anyone locally that needs and wants your experience. If you remain flexible about where you end up though, you shouldn't have any problem.

Another alternative to consider is traveling full-time...

I've been out of college for about a year and a half now, and my job has my traveling across the country full-time for work (i.e. in another state M-F and home on the weekends). I was raised in Detroit but I have seen almost every state in the country. You really get a feel for what is out there and the experience is irreplaceable.

However, being a road warrior is not for everyone. While the frequent flyer miles and hotel points are nice, being away from friends and family for extended periods of time may wear down on you.

This plan works very well for someone early in their career and willing to relocate. I started my career in the Midwest (Iowa) with a low cost of living. I moved to California (Bay Area) with a pay increase then moved to the South where the cost of living was extremely low (Houston).

I don't believe this plan works well once you get to a certain level in your career (mid management and up)

You could also get a good job in Chicago, then convince them after a year or so that telecommuting from Indianapolis is cool...

Many companies are getting a lot more flexible on this as bandwidth becomes a non-issue.

A friend of mine just got a job in NYC and is renting out in Jersey City - not only does he make more money, but he actually has a lower cost of living. He was in Ithica, NY before that.

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