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November 08, 2006


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Doug, as a regular reader I would like to suggest that you take your spam elsewhere, as your website has zippo to do with this blog. There are no valuable tips on your website. There are no valuable resources there either.

Thanks for highlighting the article's main points! I discovered index funds a year ago after a friend suggested reading "a random walk down wall street," another great book on why index investing beats picking individual stocks. wish i knew that when i gave my dad savings from my paycheck and he picked individual tech stocks that plummetted.

Mike --

Thanks for the comment -- and for looking out for people mis-using the comments section. I have deleted Doug's "comment" for the reasons you listed.

I am frankly surprised with only 20% small cap funds being unable keep pace with their index.
I would think it very hard for a large cap managed fund to beat the index.

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