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November 29, 2006


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I've always beleived that eduction translates into money, the figures prove it though I think they might be a bit low for Bachelor degrees... and I don't think those numbers made any distinction between industries (this will have an impact too)

The only issue I have with this list is that people with a Doctoral degree actually earn less, on average, than those with a masters. The reason for this is that a very large portion of people with doctorate degrees work as educators who don't make very high salaries.

I'd also like to see the breakdown by profession of these numbers. Certainly someone working in IT who has only a Highschool degree would not be at as high a disadvantage with the lower degree compared to someone who was a doctor or a lawyer where a high degree is a pre-requisite.

There is no evidence that this is a causal relationship. People who drive fancy cars make more money than people who don't. It must be the cars!

Anon -- Thta's right, I guess the path to wealth is dropping out of school and getting no higher education at all. That is surely the path to wealth (or, since there's probably no causal relationship for you that way either, then at least it can't hurt.) Why go to school at all?

Yeah, right.

I worked hard and had saved up $4,000 by the time I graduated high school in the mid 1970s. Then I blew all that money on college and ultimately took out two student loans while working minimum wage jobs. Today I earn my state minimum wage and am still paying off my student loans. I have no money to go back to school to acquire a marketable skill. I have no hope and will probably be broke for the rest of my life and will never be able to retire from my menial dead-end toil.

I live with my dad, and I make $10.55 a hour at a Factory. I get 40 hour weeks, and sometimes I get over time. I only have a High School education. Where is the money? It seems you need to go back to school, but how can a person get a education without money?


With loans. That's what I did.

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