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November 01, 2006


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"saying they had denied my submission because I didn't enclose the original UPC"

The same thing happened to me on a $100 rebate from Linens and Things. The service provider, The Express Group, said that I did not submit the original barcode. I did. When I called and said I would resend a copy I had made, they told me that it states I need the original. How convenient for them. Asked for a manager, was forwarded to an answering machine. I called again, with the same result. Not pleased

I have always wondered what would happen if I sent the bar code and then I had to take the item back to the store? The rebate could reduce the amount of returns for the item?

I used to work for Circuit City, and Best Buy. Everyone hates mail in rebates, but the one thing that most consumers don’t know is that you are usually getting it below cost. I know it’s still an awful process, but companies are now switching to online rebate submissions; which will make the process much easier.

The biggest scam on the market is the rebate, I send a rebate for SanDisk offer bought it from Circuit city 3 month ago but no sign of respond

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