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November 28, 2006


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The problem is most smokers want to quit, putting the monetary and health data infront of them won't just make them quit. Smoking is an addiction that is hard to fight; I know I'm a smoker who is trying to quit.

I would much rather be a non-smoker than a smoker; my bank balance will definitely be happier if I do.

I'm one of those smokers that was lucky enough to quit. I saved about $1440 the first year in the price of cigarettes alone. I know I should have saved it, but I used it to buy new golf clubs as a reward for making it one year (I am now approaching two years). For those of you who are asking how I did it, it took me no less than 12 SERIOUS attempts to quit. I used the patch, tried cold turkey, and took cessation classes. I used every reason in the book to help me, too, like doing it for my son, doing it for my wife, doing it for my health, etc., but the one time it worked, I didn't need a reason. I was so used to quitting by that time, that it just worked. The 13th time was the charm. Keep trying. Never quit quitting!!! Eventually it will work.

Someone at work recently used to help keep track of how much money she saved by quitting. It was impressive to see the numbers add up over time.

Great post considering all financial impacts of smoking. Unfortunately, nicotine is the most physically addictive substance known. No wonder smokers will push aside mountains of financial and health concerns to continue their habit.

very good article, I recently quit smoking and was doing my laundry, its amazing how strong the odor of cigs on clothes is because you can only really smell it once you kick the habit, it must of been horrid for people in my company.

I was a very heavy smoker. 2 packs/day. I attempted to quit several times but you really want to quit is the number one thing. Not for anyone else it's up to you.
Then I got the highest dose patch available and used two a day for about a week, then one, then kept reducing for about a month. If it takes longer so what. Then stay away from the smoking crowd. Dont go outside to b.s. when they take a break. It's too tempting. Avoid bars for awhile. It's been over 5 years since I quit and I can't stand to be anywhere near a smoker. Well hope this helps someone.

I thought you said this would tell me about how much money it would cost me (if i were a smoker) to get all those cosmetic things fixed.
I would appreciate it much if you would do so.

I applaud those who manage to kick the habit. I lost two friends alone just through those horrid things. I used to smoke when I was with my rowdy officemates, so yes, I guess it does pay to be on the right crowd.

I saw an increase also in my savings the day I stopped smoking. (Last time I smoke was like 2 years ago). Not only a financial increase but also on the health side. I also have a daughter and a wife, so yes, having support could be good.

Another thing that caught my attention was this article :

I really dont want my libido to become affected like it has to this person :D

worry about the trade but hurt advertising, mainly in children and young people, became his role model, issuing various messages. But it is true that, as a result, the death toll due to smoking was 27.2% higher than as currently as confirmed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

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