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December 22, 2006


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Deciding to own a pet is a considerable commitment, personally I like cats and we've got one but they are expensive and cats for the most part are pretty self sufficient (especially indoor cats). I think people forget all of the hidden costs that they don't consider when they get an animal. Good Post.

But you will probably learn, much, much more from the dog. ;-)

A dog equals college tuition? Only if you buy a dog every year for the 18 year period, and then kick it to the curb at the end of the year.

These are first-year costs, which are significantly less than "maintenance" costs (depending on what you want to spend on health care for a pet in it's old age), I imagine that most of the listed cost for a fish involves an aquarium, an air filter, etc. And they also seem to be based on a high-end of expectations.

My dog costs me about ten bucks a month for food, and I only bring him in to the vet when I think he needs it (less than once per year). I do my own grooming, too, so I wind up only a couple hundred dollars out of pocket for a great companion. If I could trade him off for college tuition for a child, I might consider it, but that's not the reality of the situation...

Actually, these costs are close to what a pet costs per year according to the SPCA. See this post for details:

As far as paying for college, consider owning two pets at a time over 40 years (you'd go through several pets of course). Calculate the cost at $1,000 per pet per year. Figure out what that would be worth if it had been invested.

Pay for college? Easy.

On the other hand, having a pet can provide you with entertainment and improve your mental and physical health. And as a plus, cats keep mice and insects from getting into your home. We're better off spending a little money every year on our cat, and not renting movies, buying 5-dollar lattes, candy, cookies, potato chips, beer, and so forth.

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