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December 14, 2006


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This is a nice blog, thanks for the info, keep on posting relevant issues/topics.
You've done a great job in getting your credit cards but like a lot of people, you may find yourself in a bit over your head because life has a way of throwing obstacles in your path and those obstacles generally cost money.
Here is another resource I'd like to share about The Best Ways to Pay off Your Credit Card Debt. Hope you'll find it and your many readers very useful.
Have a super day!


I was interested to see that you have a Pay Day Loan company as one of your sponsors - isn't this the sort of thing you would be against your readers doing, what if your site turned them onto one of these loans? Just wondering as a long time reader...

Steve --

I've addressed that issue previously a couple times. The bottom line: those are link ads at the bottom of the site that very few (if anyone) ever see. They are placed there by the site owners for SEO purposes.

The minimum payment is usually 2% of your outstanding balance. Unfortunately, by paying only the minimum each month instead of paying off your entire balance, your debt will continue to grow. Many credit card companies also charge late fees (usually 2 percent of the outstanding balance), and higher interest rates on cash advances.

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