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December 06, 2006


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Good tips. For #6, I would recommend using a program like Eraser ( that wipes deleted data from your hard drive.

When you just delete a file from Windows (or even format the drive) the actual file data is still there, there just isn't anything within Windows pointing to it, so Windows doesn't know it's there. There are several programs, such as Undelete Plus (, that can recover files that have been "deleted."

As Jeff says, don't rely on 'format'. I strongly recommend that you read this before disposing of a hard drive:

I suggest you get a copy of Eraser to remove your personal files from the computer. It is free to use and allows you to overwrite the files numerous times with random data.

A lot of times I think businesses just try to collect as much information as they can then figure out what they need later.

Anytime I'm filling out a form and it asks me for more than I think they need to know I just leave it blank. I figure if they really do need it they'll get back to me.

Also have to voice support for Eraser, nothing else works just as easily or well as this program. Format C, doesn't erase everything, Eraser comes as close as you possibly can without physically destroying the drive. An added bonus with Eraser is that it can be used to erase data that you have in your Recycle Bin. I used Eraser on a whole hard drive one time and I couldn't recover any data from it using several different programs, this program really does work.

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