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December 19, 2006


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I recommend calling or writing to them and asking about it, and letting them know that you don't want it to change. It can't hurt.

You'd be surprised how much they could be losing to a policy like that. I worked at a retailer that sells overstocks etc from multiple dept stores (think Marshall's, TJ Maxx), and people brought crap in all the time that we didn't carry as a return.

They would bully their way to an in-store credit, and we would be left trying to sell a random pair of used shoes or broken sunglasses for a couple of bucks, if we were lucky enough that they were sellable.

Returns were also an area where we had a ton of scams - a common one is to buy several items, one really expensive, one moderately so, and some filler so that the receipt is full and confusing. Then tags are switched, and the newly really expensive item (formerly mid priced) is returned for cash or $ off the credit card.

Whenever I hear about a company that takes stuff back no questions asked, I always think how much of a pain in the butt it must be to handle the returns, and how many people are scamming them.

Oh I hope not...if you find out more, would love to see a follow up post on any more info. I love their return policy, it makes me more comfortable to buy stuff there knowing I can return it for any reason!

As much as I want to say no to this, I have to agree. People blatantly abuse the return policy. I had hallmates in my dorm that would use things for a quarter and return them in less than perfect (but not horrible) condition. One of my friends used a TV for a quarter then returned it and used it to buy booze. I know that Costco treats its workers so much better than Sam's Club or Walmart so I don't think it's fair to exploit a company that treats its workers like human beings.

I dunno about this rumor. It's certainly logical; the problem is that I've seen it before. It seems to circulate with great regularity.

It seems illegal (i.e. against contract law) to sell something with the promise of unlimited return, and then refuse to accept it. In other words, if they change their policy it'll probably be on future sales, not past ones. (OTOH, past sales might become VERY difficult to get refunds on.)

Another argument against this: Sam's Club has an even more generous return policy. If Costco gave up on theirs, they'd lose customers _immediately_ to Sam.


Ok, just to let you know. Costco is going to be changing their return policy. BUt its not going to be on computers. Only on the TV's. THere going to limit TV returns to 90 days.

This is what happened when i went to costco today......

I've been one of those guys who are never satisfied with their purchaces. And with Costco's great return policy on computerse (6 months) I've been returning and buying since im never satisfied with the design, or the performance, or the speed of the laptop i've purchaced. So today, when I took my HP back for a refund, the supervisor came out and bitched in my face on how if you dont stop taking advantage of their policy, there not going to sell me any more computers....... so just letting you know.

Costco has changed their return policy for computers starting from 1/1/2007. If you buy a computer and return even within 3 months,you will not be able to return it because they think you are ABUSING it.

What's considered abuse sometimes is in the eye of the beholder.

I can't believe your post William, you say that you return every single thing you buy within 6 months because your never satisfied! Its NOT the store's fault that your never satisfied with anything... try returning your unsatisfactory (in your mind) items to ANY other store. Good luck! Repairs on warranty etc, fine, every store should warranty computers and/or electronics for repair for a 'limited' time, but you not expecting unhappy staff when you return expensive electronics every chance you get, would definately make ME unhappy with you too. That's WHY Costco is said to be getting rid of there AMAZING return policy, because of people like you! Abusing the policy!

Imagine how much money they make off you compared to how much they loose! Just think about it! You think they can sell that item broke or not, that you brought back? No, they can't... it will go for spare parts or trash! Customer beware, research before you buy!! 1 or 2 items returned making use of a fabulous policy is great, but in your words "never satisfied" and returning "everything", is ridiculous!

I just went to take my Costco 50" tv in for repairs (2 years after purchase), and happened to be at Costco also looking for upgrades while the tv was in for repairs elsewhere... not knowing Costco had this policy! The guy chatted me up and asked where I bought the TV I took in for repairs... I said at Costco! He said WHAT? Bring it back!! I'm like, its 2 years old and broken! He said it doesn't matter! So of course I cancelled my repair shop and brought it back and was refunded in FULL 3,000 bucks! Not to mention the price of technology has dropped so much that I bought 5 times the caliber of tv for the same price as my broken one, at Costco again!

My point - I would NEVER abuse such a policy in fear it would go away!!!
So I asked about this rumor at the returns counter. They said that there IS executive level talk of the lifetime return policy going away in Jan08, but may take a year after that to fully take hold. He said they will still extend manufactuer's warranty by 2 years on electronics for repair, but unfortunatley they are losing too much money to continue on taking back everything under the sun (I can only imagine), no questions asked, due to abusers of the policy... like YOU! You screwed it up for all of us! ;) I think I saw your picture on the wall, and it said blame this guy!!

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