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December 18, 2006


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This is a great look back and I love having your best posts in one place for reading as I don't get to visit you as much as I'd like!

Wow. Really good posts. I added your feed to my bloglines account so I can keep an eye on your blog.

All the best,

A true look back.Its really necessary sometimes to go back and see what you did all year.Sometimes bloggers have to stop being a cowboy

What an awsome resource! I'll definitely be back to poke around more.

This is one of the greatest benefits of the latest writing project sponsored by How else would I have found such a great blog... I love it. Who doesn't enjoy talking about money? I am thoroughly reading through your posts. Great advice!

Great posts you have there. I am going to bookmark your site! All thanks to the ProBlogger writing project that I am reading your blog now!

Great post mate...

Wowsers...your blog looks tasty! I have added your feed!

This is a great list! Your content sounds very interesting and I think I'll have to spend some time surfing around your site. I found you off the ProBlogger participant list and I'm glad I visited.

Good luck!

I Like your Ideas. Simple yet effective.

I will be adding you to my Technorati Favorites and reviewing your site.

All the best.
Rob Schaumer (Fellow Group Poster)

I have faith in America and capitalism. That's why I like Index funds.


I just went through the list of post on the group writing project.
A lot of your tips seem to be very interesting. I will have a look at them.

I just postet a link to You Post on my blog.

Have a merry christmas and a happy New Year
best wishes from Germany


PS: I translated my own post to the group writing project to English, so just in case, You would like to have a look - You are welcome. :-)

Thanks for participating ProBlogger's Writing Project as this is how I found your post. My post is titled 10 Mistakes I’ve made in 2006. I've added you to my subsription list, keep up the good posts.

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