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January 19, 2007


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have you considered being a consultant to local businesses interested in developing a blog presence? you definitely have the qualifications, and i'm sure you could negotiate a fair price and be well on your way to $10k, if not more.

Just look to the right ->. I see links for "Income opportunity", "Make a ton of money", and "You want to make money?". Surely they have the answer for you. :)

I have a few other ideas for websites in the making. $10k extra would be fantastic. I'd be quite happy with $5k.

How about re-packaging your money articles into eBooks and adding them to for reading with the ebook reader Kindly.

I have given it a try.

I have found that marketing is the key and you have a great platform with this blog to market your eBooks.

I'am starting to feel hopeless against the world. I make $12 an hour and I want to become financially secure. I own my own home. Been on my piece of a crap job for almost 10 years and have no idea what I really love. Hobbies..?????. How do I save if Iam already behind?

Turning hobby into income is no mean task. It takes time and it takes passion. However, your hobby, if you are like me, is what you use to unwind. Like walking the dog, surfing the web or reading financial weblogs. That conversion is something worth doing though and I believe with the right balance and with a clear time horizon in view, most if not all hobbies can be converted to cash cows.

Turning a hobby into a paying job can be one of the most rewarding moves you could ever make. Though by no means an easy task, it is definitely doable.
The benefit of having a job which you really enjoy is immeasurable.

Great post, keep it up!

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