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January 17, 2007


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Are you not earning that much from the site or are you not considering that part of your income?

You're a funny man. ;-)

Since I give away all the revenue from the site, I'm not counting it in the $10k.

Why not keep the revenue and invest it at the 10% and give away the huge amount in 30 years?

I look forward to the ideas on how to make an extra 10K. I'm really hoping they aren't anything like "get a second job" or "start a business" ;-).

Fill me in the ideas. What is your email address?

I really enjoy your blog! I'm also looking forward to some ideas :)

looking forward to reading about the ideas =)

Awesome idea! I can't wait to read some of your money making ideas. What do you plan to do with the $10K once you earn it??

Dave --

Put it into an index fund, what else? ;-)

I still have contacts with the university I attended. I keep in touch with one of my old professors, and he hired me to teach a lab section with his human anatomy class, as well as helping with grading, exam writing, and some computer work. I have a flexible work schedule, and I am only on campus 3-4 hours per week. Most of the grading/computer work I can do from home. I will make $4,800 this semester for my work, and probably the same next semester. Try contacting a former professor or your university. Its a nice source of income, and I enjoy the work

Hi there! I'm a nurse trying to pay down $18,000 credit card to be paid off hopefully by sometime in 2009! A lofty goal, but do-able for the hard-working,like myself. So far, my only option is to work more long hours. Most of the time, the hassle and aggravation isn't worth the few extra bucks I get. Does anyone have any betters ideas to get out of my debt. I love to do a home business, but so far cannot find one I trust or that doesn't seem like a scam.

CC --

Read this:

FMF - Do you really give away ALL your revenue from this site?? If so YOU DA MAN! Which charities do you like?

Financial Samurai --

See details here:

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