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January 24, 2007


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Love the giveaways!

Count me in.

Please enter me into the draw.

Free copy of Quicken? I'm in.

I Enjoy all of your posts and the wide variety of topics you cover, thanks.

Sure, I'm in :)

I finally got my W-2, so now I just need to get everything ready and find a CPA to help with last year's taxes!

Count me in!

I'm cheap so I'm in!

Need it, want it, got to have it!!

Pick me, over here- wooohoo!

I might as well try again... yay for FREE stuff! Site is great


Perhaps I am not very lucky. Eh, I'll keep trying for this free Quicken though.

Excellent site!

Bring it on!

i'll give it a shot

Oooooh pick me pick me!

Tryin again here!

Please enter me in your contest.



count me in.

i've been using quicken 2004 deluxe, and just got a message that the webconnect part will be dropped in the middle of 2007. that would suck for me.

I was contemplating Quicken 2007 anyway

What a great site! Thanks for all the tips-and for the free quicken?!

I'll give it a shot...

I'd like to try to win!

Count me in, please!

Ooh, Ooh! (hand up) Pick me, pick me!

Count me in for the giveaway!

I wanna win. Cool blog!

Mac version????

Rabbit on the run again!!

I really hope I win. I would love to have a copy of Quicken Basic. I never won anything for free. This is cool that you offer this.

I love free stuff!

Thanks again for another chance.

free quicken 2007? I'm so there! I love finance budgeting, seriously!

Please enter me for the giveaway. Thanks.

Here goes another try...

Count me in.

One more time please

Trying again! Great site.

Count me in!

I'm back, and that Quicken will be MINE!

Well, no, probably not, but you can't win if you don't try.

Throwing my name in again!!

Once again please.

Is this a Windows-only or Windows/Mac disk? If the latter, count me in :-)

Only a few tries left...

C'mon lucky 7's!


And here I was thinking of buying the Quicken 2007. Thanks. - Ruben

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