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January 07, 2007


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An interesting post. The only problem is that the basis of taxation in the modern American economy is not based on the biblical interepretation, but on the modern social contract. E.g. US citizens agree to submit to government authority in return for a set of guarantees. Part of this arangement is paying taxes.

If one does not wish to be part of America, one is free to renounce ones citizenship, otherwise you've got to pay your taxes.



James, according to the social contract theory (which was indeed in vogue at the time of America's founding, although it's fallen out of favor since), the social contract applies to all governments at all times, regardless of what the people living under those governments believed about the nature of government. So I don't see how you can claim on the basis of the social contract theory that there are any problems with this FMF post -- the same alleged facts were present in the same way at the time of the Biblical statements.

Unfortunately we all have to pay taxes. You can protest the government by not paying taxes, but you have to understand the consequences of your protest.

I believe what the bible says. This was an excellent read. The word of God is true and real. Pay your taxes, it's just taht simple.

"The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves."
"This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing."
You cannot seriously believe this. If this were the case then every corrupt "authority" ever was really working for god and thus deserves to receive taxes? The United States was founded on revolution against authorities, and refusal to pay taxes (without proper representation) to said authorities. Roman authorities at the time of the bible were merrily stomping Jews and Christians into the dirt, so let us not pretend that people of those religions thought that the Romans were the true servants of Yahweh. Please don't discredit your financial savvy with transparent hypocrisy such as this.

Marcus --

That's just the point:

"Roman authorities at the time of the bible were merrily stomping Jews and Christians into the dirt."

And yet, the book of Romans says we should pay taxes.

What is your alternative?

The real point is this:
"Roman authorities at the time of the bible were merrily stomping Jews and Christians into the dirt, so let us not pretend that people of those religions thought that the Romans were the true servants of Yahweh."

By all means, pay taxes; it keeps you out of trouble. However, let us not pretend that the authorities are servants of Yahweh, or were even put in place by Yahweh. That is where the hypocrisy comes in. Even though the passage is in Romans, we know the Romans weren't the servants of god and they were *not* regarded as such by the Jews and Christians of the time. The bible illustrates that explicitly elsewhere, which is why many scholars have suspicions about the origins of such an obsequious passage. The Romans were paid taxes not because they were servants of Yahweh but because they were looking for excuses to kill Jews and Christians to begin with, and refusal to pay taxes gave them all the reason they needed.

1. As far as I know, the book of Romans is still part of the Bible. Thus, you can't simply dismiss it at will.

2. "many scholars have suspicions about the origins of such an obsequious passage."

Really? This is the first I've heard of this. I'm sure the same can be said of many other passages of the Bible. Why don't we simply cut out the parts we don't like and then we'd all have our own tailor-made Bible? There's a warning about doing that in Revelation.

Or maybe you're saying that Paul wrote this but didn't believe it -- is that it? If so, what other passages did he write but not believe?

3. Question: Could a government exist if God didn't want it to exist? (I mean if He really didn't want it to exist -- I don't mean one that He alowed but disagreed with -- I mean one that was too powerful for Him to stop.) Can this happen?

4. The main point here is that we all should pay taxes (despite the claims of some Christian that they shouldn't.) That's the real point.

Revelations also says that the Romans were NOT the servants of God.
Anyway, the point is pay taxes, but do not think that authorities are servents of God. If one really believed that then why not give your wife and daughter to them, too? I am very confident you understand the real point I am making and why I feel it is so dangerous to accept authorities as men of God just due to their position. The rest seems to be a religious debate. I will respond, but we both only have so much time for this :)
If you are wondering my own belief, it is this: Whoever penned the passage (many believe it came 300 years after the time of the disciples) did so to keep Christians out of trouble with the authorities.
No one can read the bible and think that all authorities are servants of God. It seems even more obtuse coming from an American, when this very country was founded against the principles in Romans. Man makes his own rules that are often contrary to the Torah and the teachings of Jesus.
Regarding your second statement: You are aware that there are over 50 versions of the Bible, right? We are pretty close to our "tailor-made Bible" already. :o
For question 3, I think this is irrelevant because God clearly lets things he doesn't agree with happen. Whether God could stop it or not is not an issue, but because you asked, I will say God could stop it.
Pay your taxes, yes, though that was never the point of contention for me.

Ok, we could get really deep here, but I'm not sure it's going to do any good. Let's jsut end it by saying that we agree people should pay their taxes, huh?

Hehe, I was hoping you would say that ;)

Rome was a different system of government. Furthermore, you have completely taken all of the above out of context.

America is different in that the government derives it power from the people, and when it becomes destructive those people have an obligation to disassemble it. The government is not owed your entire salary, it does not own your income and decide how much you are entitled to keep. The government is not owed simply what is claims. The government is owed only what is needed to perform it's constitutional functions, anymore than that is theft. If you want to pay taxes and believe that God truly wants you to fund homo-erotic art, secular and anti-Christian government schools and colleges, Planned Parenthood, etc then you are truly mentally ill.

As for the other passage, it is clearly taken out of context. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc. - all of these authoritative figures are holy and to be obeyed, and to disobey any would be to disobey God? You're clearly distorting the meaning of the Word.

Braden --

If I thought you were a believer and sincere, I'd counter your points based on the scripture. But since your tone suggests otherwise, I'll let other readers of this post take from it what they wish.

The bible makes it clear that everything is subject to the authority of God. The book of Job points out that even Satan, whether he likes it or not, is a servant of God. The Roman empire certainly was wicked but even through its most evil act (the crucifixion of Christ) God provided for our salvation. Therefore, the law, whether it is written by righteous or evil men, is to be obeyed unless it contradicts the law of God. We are very fortunate to have a system of government that we are able to influence. If we want to pay less taxes we can choose to support officials who have consistently voted to reduce them. However, if we do not sharpen our discernment and pay much closer attention to who those officials are and what our government is doing we will soon find ourselves living under a very different regime.

The way our government is mispending the taxes that it does bring in . We are headed for economic collapse. We are borrowing more than we are bringing in. The U.S, givernment is heading for disaster! Martin Luther King said it was the "greatest purveyor of violence in the world" Anyway about paying taxes. I only pay taxes because I want to honor God. But under no circumstances do I feel our corrupt government deserves another dime because of all the corruption!

doug rambo is very smart!

i believe to GOD. how is jesus did think mean is pay taxes or not? what happend for life make mess up earth by satan answer to high money taxes with world for riches at Government. this not good. they is peoples someone for poors or riches. people poors not erough money to pay taxes has this riches. i really respect to God. that not fair. peoples much christians prayer in church. that sad story. :( well, happend is the future of earth will maybe destory when years. i not sure. i hope it.

Governments are allowed to exist by God, they serve his purpose, thus having reason to exist under God's power. Without the Roman government Christ might have never suffered and died on that cross and we would all be so out of luck. While God may not approve of nations and their actions their power still ultimately comes from him. Also look at what happened to Rome. Or even Sodom and Gamorrah. Is their anything left? They were corrupt and God laid them low, he let them store up their sins to their full measure before judging them. And there is yet another reason to not withhold your taxes. Romans 12:19 --Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.-- If God decides that the U.S. government is too corrupt to save that is his decision not ours "he will repay."

taxes are a necessary evil because people dont apply the 10% god has told them to do 10% of your wealth 10% of your time if e1 donr this i think everything would work out very well

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