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January 19, 2007


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I will read personal finance blogs over them any day. We hold nothing back.

I diagree with you. I subscribe to several PF magazines, including Smart Money and Money. I cancelled Kiplinger's because it is so heavily focused on mutual funds, and I think investing in mutual funds is largely irresponsible.

Money magazine is good for beginners. It doesn't dive deep and it doesn't take chances. Every now and then I get something out of it, but it's usually a rehash of what your grandparents tried to teach you when you were a kid, with a modern spin.

Smart Money, which comes from the editor's of the Wall Street Journal, mind you, may have been aggressive with their cover, but that's to sell magazines. I've found them consistently leaning more toward's value investing (though certainly not entirely) and they educate the reader on how to value a company. I really enjoy this one.

Forbes is my favorite. Fortune is good too, but the articles are too long and it is aimed at a higher-income audience than your demographic may be here on FMF.

The difference between my thoughts and yours are that I'm looking for the best personal finance magazine and your comments seem to be leaning towards the best investing magazine. Investing is just one area of personal finance, as you know, and it's not one I need/want to be hyped on regularly.

Definitely need to take financial media advice with a grain of salt -- once you read it, millions of others have probably already read it too. Still, I like SmartMoney's web site, particularly their SmartMoney University section. Very good for people just wanting to learn about PF issues and topics.

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