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January 08, 2007


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I wasn't going to call it "greed" but I totally agree. I think the people who give on a regular basis are also the people who are capable of looking beyond the materialism that permeates our lives and considering long-term, large-picture goals, whether those goals are charitable or personal.

Your post does raise another question. If a person currently gives on a regular basis, but has incurred debt which needs to be dealt with ASAP, should he temporarily forego giving and put all his enery into debt payoff? I know some advisors would say to temporarily stop adding to retirement funds to pay off debt, but what about not giving?

I know how I view this subject, but would love to get your opinion, as well. Thanks!

Here's what I would do personally:

I would pay my tithe (10% to my church) before anything including debt. I detailed my thoughts on this here:

After that, I would pay off my debt, then increase my giving above my tithe.

Thanks, FMF. I appreciate your input. And agree with it! :)

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