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February 14, 2007


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Better yet, switch jobs. 5% is optimistic at best for most employees who stay with their current employers, but downright puny compared to the salary increases that are available to people who change jobs.

I've never in my life failed to get at least a $5000/yr bump from one position to the next. A couple of times I've done way way better than that. But raises within a given job seldom do meaningfully more than keep pace with inflation...if they do that.

Excellent advice, but does this count as "extra income outside my regular job."

Also would you factor in inflation in your job raise. I figure if I don't get at least a 3.5-4% raise each year, I'm losing money. Thus getting a 5% raise would be only be about 1% towards my $10,000 goal with my bookkeeping. Depends on how you are counting things, I guess.

With switching jobs, keep in mind that there are other factors to consider. For example, are you 100% vested in the retirement plan/401k? Do you have pending stock options that would become ineligible when employment is terminated? There are other factors as well including health benefits, employer paid insurance, length of commute, etc.

Funny you should mention this. I just asked and received an extra 2500 a year. It only took 2 e-mails.

Yea, I wish it were that easy. In these tough economic times, my company doesn't have the money to give out raises.

I agree that switching jobs is the best way to get a real "raise" if you're looking for extra cash. Either that or a major promotion within your company to a new role that gets paid better.

For me, I'm sticking it out for the experience and then will hopefully be able to get a better paying job.

God! I want a raise so bad. I started with X amount 2 years ago. 2nd year got a 5000 dollar raise and recently they decided to do a 10% pay cutt. Now I'm back to where I started 2 years ago. They told us, it is going to be just for a few months but I'm debating if I should stick it out or go to a different company

I don't care, I'm asking for a large raise this year. Last year was so bad, that this year will hopefully make up for it.

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