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February 08, 2007


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i would like to know if any one owes me money. thank you.

I would like to know if anyone owes me money.

Hey! YOU owe me money! Send it now! Did you forget? It's like over $10000!!!

I was hoping this article was about getting money from people that owe you money due to a contract or court judgement but have chosen to stiff you even with a contract and / or court order in place.

Can you expound on those circumstances? A little help please?

I just checked and I had $475 owed to me! Thank you so much for this post or I would never have known to look.

I think someone owes me money. I had an RRSP (like a 401k) at a Canadian employer many years ago. It was managed by a big fund company. When I switched jobs I simply forgot about that account. It's probably been accumulating interest since 1997 and I don't even know it. I'd like to repatriate those funds back into my current retirement accounts.

Unfortunately your system doesn't seem to show anything in Canada.

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